Fedora Day at Helwan University

The Linux week event took place on 20th-24th April in Helwan university - Computer science faculty. It was organized by Student United.

There was special arrangement for fedora; a dedicated day for fedora sessions. it was planned that I gave two sessions with 3 presentations.

The faculty dean was expecting us at his office, we met him and presented briefly the plans for fedora day, I handed him the lovely fedora LiveCD.

Then we checked the booth, answered some questions then moved to session's place.

First session had two presentations, the target audience was first and second grade, the two presentation are

1) Free/Open source introduction 45 minute.
2) Fedora introduction presentation 1 hour.

There was quite regular questions, like who pays, and what is the benefit that return to fedora, the most interesting question was "I' am CS student what makes me run fedora and not other distribution?"; I will write the answer on other blog post.

Second session was explore the power of command line, target audience were students of 4th grade. They were amazed how easy to get extract date from files and automate routine jobs.

I would like to thank, the student united of the computer science factually, for facilitating and arranging this day; as it's not easy to organize such event on governmental universities.

As for fedora stuff, it was difficult to distribute it at the booth, as they weren't much; we gave them to student united as they'll have competition by the end of the linux week, so they can use them as prizes.

Meeting the dean.
[img:1 align:center]
Handing the lovelyCD.
[img:9 align:center]
Fedora booth was available all the day.
[img:2 align:center]
Booth team
[img:3 align:center]
Attendees are first and second grade computer science ignore the date.
[img:5 align:center]
[img:4 align:center]
Q & A
[img:6 align:center]
Between the two sessions
[img:8 align:center]
After second session
[img:7 align:center]

More photos will be published soon.


waiting another session in helwan university, please

i am a student at faculty of computer science helwan university at the second grade
we will wait another session of fedora this year 2009 please
it is more useful for us
we need it

we can w

I'd be happy if we can do it. can you help on organizing such event with faculty? if you can achieve it would be great. feel free to contact me at '' diaa at fedoraproject.org''


i will help you but can you do another session in our faculty
about fedora?

Yes, I can give other

Yes, I can give other sessions in your faculty. it needs arrangement inside your faculty. you may contact the student union or the previous organizers. feel free to contact me.

ok,i'll be so happy

this means that it's needs an arrangement only
are you ready the next semester this year or not?
and how can i contact the previous organizers they were in 4 grade ?

did somebody say previous organizers?

Hello, This is Ahmed Farrag. I'm a graduate now but I'll be very happy to help organize an event for Fedora/Linux any time...
contact: a DOT m DOT farrag AT gmail DOT com

yes,we needs you and your friends again in this event

i want to be a member of the booth team but i am at second year can i?
tomorrow, i will ask the student union about this event and how can we organize ?
seriously,i will be so happy to be an organizer

we can discuss it farther, I

we can discuss it farther, I will give the contacts of the previous organizers.

here is my contact is : diaa @ fedoraproject.org

actually,i add u at ymail

but you don't open and confirm my request,
can you dr.diaa hold this event at the next semester as the first grade can know our faculty more ,and come this event ?