Fedora Day at Menoufiya University , Egypt

When Hamada posted on the ambassadors mailing that he is going to organize local event; I have contacted him with Omar.

We have agreed that I will give the Fedora introduction presentation;the modified one plus FOSS brief.

So it would align attendees have no general knowledge of FOSS; if the FOSS term was familiar, it would fit and mapped to what fedora is all about.

Also we have organized desktop demonstration.

It was really cool event; all event organization was conducted online, MUFIX Community done great job in organizing this event, Mufix community lead by Hamada.

The event held 16-Dec-2008, we have started first with checking the registration booth.

On registration process attendees answered several questions such as (do you know what is FOSS? did you used fedora linux before? do you have any GNU/Linux installed?), almost everyone checked on hearing about foss and fedora.

Fedora registration booth

booth was crowded

Fedora registration

Then we went to the lecture room, it was quite full, Dr.Kamal came to introduce us, he gave thanks and promised with farther cooperation between MUFIX community and fedora project.

Introducing Ambassadors

Then I have started the fedora introduction by asking who heard about fedora? everyone confirmed with a raised hand; but when I asked who have any fedora or other GNU/Linux installed on one of his/her machines only few responded. Which was good indication that I should stress on usability, cool features and fedora as development platform.

The lecture room was crowded as the event registration; there was some standing attendees.

Fedora introduction in Menofiya university

Presenting fedora

Fedora introduction lecture

fedora leads them all

Then we had the Q&A session for 10 minutes, the questions are nearly the same every event :

  • If I am using M$ windows (pirated copy) why I consider switching to fedora?
  • Why I should use fedora not other distro?
  • What is the benefit for redhat to sponsor fedora project?


There was one exceptional question that I really liked, it was what is the disadvantage of fedora?

This photo when I was talking on M$ application x has found an error, m$ has recovered the error! They say: "You are not smart enough" we will answer and fix it, what if compared with welcome to join the community attitude.

Making fun of M$

After Q&A session, Omar started his desktop demonstration it was cool and interactive for those who didn't saw fedora desktop before. The questions were about M$ replacements and applications that are frequently used.

Menofiya desktop demo

Fedora Media Applications

Then Hamada, made the gifts/giveawys session, it was really cool, but we have shortage on the swag. but it was nice.

Picking lucky one

Then all volunteers had a group photo.

Menoufiya Volunteers Group Photo

Then we have to get out of the lecture room, we went out to usb Live creation station. Mostafa done great job, creating 17 live usb image and coping the Live iso for those didn't have enough usb disk space.

Fedora Live usb station

Here we go Live.

Here we go Live

There are a lot of side talks and photos you can check them.

Finally, we have Egyptian fedora ambassadors in one photo.

Fedora Egypt Ambassadors

  • from L to R Hamada , Diaa (Me) , Omar.

PS: wish me luck on my tomorrow event in Misr University.


Great work

Great work man, Good luck with the Misr University event tomorrow :)